Welcome back to the epic 400th episode celebration! So epic, it had to be fit in to 3 episodes!

Christina thanks the listeners for their loyalty and friendship.

Glenn is watching Justified. Christina loves Boyd and takes a moment to talk about Timothy Olyphant’s cameo on The Mindy Project. Everyone is creeped out by the brilliance of Ian McShane in Deadwood. Brad admires Danny’s new car on Hawaii Five-O and enjoys that Dan-O never gets to drive it. Christina’s amusement comes from Masi Oka’s character dressing as a Keanu Reeves role for the Halloween episodes. The pair is watching Once Upon a Time and the Wonderland spin-off. Christina has two beautiful reasons to watch, including Michael Socha, beloved from Being Human, and Killian Jones as Hook. They’re in awe of the scariness they gave to Peter Pan. Glenn doesn’t like that there’s no crossover between the two shows. Revolution is alright, but again, they’re rooting for the bad guys. The trio is truly enjoying SHIELD, but Glenn is hoping for more immersion in the Marvel Universe. Glenn hasn’t started Reign yet, and Christina thinks it’s right up her alley. The Originals is on everyone’s docket. It’s growing on Glenn overall, and the Tyler crossover is poorly anticipated. Nobody can wait for Sherlock to return. Glenn’s the one behind on Supernatural, but Brad talks about the corny Halloween episode. Big Bang Theory is used as filler, listing the ladies as favorite characters. The chaos that is Walking Dead has them all guessing. The Tomorrow People is picking up steam, especially with Mark Pellegino. Glenn is the only one watching The Witches of East End and gives us a brief synopsis. Christina is obsessed with Cake Boss and The Next Great Baker. She recommends Exile with John Simm and Jim Broadbent.

Andy joins Brad and Glenn for Fireball and White Castles. Glenn has been playing the Battlefield 4 Beta, torn between platforms. Andy has never been a fan of the franchise, being more of a Modern Warfare/Halo fan. Andy’s son is anticipating Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Brad shares about the upgrade option for the Playstation 3 games. Andy expresses his frustration at the non-backwards compatibility. Glenn talks about getting his Dreamcast on launch day. Glenn’s also been playing Far Cry 3 and Batman (). Andy is playing Star Wars The Old Republic with his lifetime subscription. Glenn shows off his Star Trek Into Darkness Collector’s Edition from Amazon, including the phaser from Quantum Mechanix. He also picked up the beautifully buoyant Elvira figure. Brad shows off his 7000mah battery pack for his Galaxy S3.

Christina is back just in time for Geek Cuisine, sharing her caramel apple taffy. When the gang isn’t impressed, she pulls out Jolly Ranger lollipops, caramel apple flavored!

In close, Cristalle is back, enjoying Clara in her costume and looking forward to catching up on Doctor Who. Christina is grateful for the doors that PodCulture has opened. Glenn can’t believe it’s been 400 episodes, after the budget equipment and no planning. Adam asks us to go out and have adventures, but cautiously when the weather gets frightful. Brad can’t fathom how long it’s been and how many shows we’ve accomplished.

Music this week includes Back One Week To The Future by Luke Ski, Lord of the Pounce by Marc Gunn, and Good For You Too by Marian Call.

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By Brad

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