The guys are still Christinaless in this episode, but Clara The Impossible Cat does make an appearance or two.

TV and DVD Talk picks up right where it left off last week and the crew discusses some HUGE SPOILERS for The Walking Dead. (Seriously…you have been warned)

Glenn brings another of his infamous Guilty Pleasures. This time the cinematic cheese is Doc Savage!

The show starts to get a bit heated when Geek Cuisine hits. The taste bud blistering culprit is Siracha Lays Potato Chips.

During the close Adam says go see The Hobbit, and do something creative. Brad suggests just staying home and playing videogames. Clara plays hide and seek under the studio’s recording rig. Glenn seconds the idea of videogames, and explains the origin of his PSN handle. and then the gang pitches the idea of a mash-up movie of The Golden Girls and The Hunger Games.

The special musical guest this episode provide some non-traditional holiday themed music. Steve Goodie with I’m Pulling Christmas…, Strip Club Christmas by Mikey Mason, Santa’s Gonna Telecommute This Christmas by Power Salad, and closing out the show is Robert Lund with The Christmas Thong.

Remember…sometimes PodCulture episodes are like Marvel movies, so you know what to do when the credits roll!

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