Adam has been getting Cristalle to watch The Christmas Carol, Christina is converting her mom and Andy enjoys it all with his family. Brad mentions that Sylvester McCoy is slated to come to Fandomfest next year.

They delve into the Christmas special, The Time of The Doctor, and Christina does her best to explain it as best she can, being very confused herself. She and her mom have a theory about who Clara’s grandma is. Andy find it to be lacking as a Christmas special and finds the regeneration too quickly. He compares The Doctor’s “Never tell me the rules” to Han Solo’s “Never tell me the odds”. Christina appreciates that the The Doctor clears up the thirteen regeneration rule. Adam poses why he thinks the regeneration was so fast. Brad thinks Clara is the best prepared for a new face of any of the companions.The guys feel like Steven Moffat does fabulous lines and great scenes, but as a whole found it lesser. The gang lists off things that didn’t fit with things they knew to be true thusfar.

Christina shares her Polish Kolacky pastries for Geek Cuisine! She talks about some of her Grandma’s culinary heritage.

Brad and Christina talk about Doctor Who : Legacy, the mobile match 3 game from Tiny Rebel Games. Wickedly addictive, the pair have played many hours, unlocking various characters and costumes for their teams. Brad mentions the fabulous customer service when his phone tanked and he had to reinstall the game.

In closing, everyone looks forward to Peter Capaldi in the fall. Andy wishes everyone a happy holiday and a great new year. Adam is looking forward to more Who and has little things along the way to tide him over. Christina wishes everyone a geeky new year.

Special Musical guests for this episode include; Devo Spice with: Who is The Doctor and Companion Application also Alex Carpenter with: Asylum of the Daleks and Bow Ties Are Cool.

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