Happy Holidays from PodCulture!

Andy is in Glenn’s spot for this episode, and Christina is back! She opens with having spent Christmas with her family in Cleveland. Andy isn’t thrilled for the Christmassy time, but is enjoying his time off. Adam has a sleigh full of things happen between his family and Cristalle’s. Brad had a quiet day before picking Christina up in Cincinnati. He tells of the rainbow loom bracelet from his niece.

Ready for Valentine’s Day with a class pack of Scooby Doo popping candy, Christina shares some Geek Cuisine she brought back from her hometown. Not to be content with just pop rock candy, the boys mix it with Fireball.

Prezzies! Andy, the only dad in the room, gave up getting geeky presents to be able to give his son some good swag (and for the health of his doggy). He lists off the presents he gave, including a Star Wars encyclopedia. In turn, his son has him back table-top gaming, including getting the whole family to play Werewolf. Adam got his nephew a stuffed Ewok, just like the one he had when he was small. He bought Silver Linings Playbook for Cristalle as well as some lego men. He got them both tickets for a ropes course in the Mega Caverns. She bought him a Chromecast.Christina got presents from her sister for Christmas, which became her favorite things. She bought her mom Chuck Taylors, so Mom will be watching on her new tv in style. Brad got Christina the Downton Abbey collection on blu-ray and Paul McGann’s autograph. Brad shares the story of the quirky present from Christina’s family. She enjoyed finding the Stargate lego-type pack for Brad, World War Z and Veggie Tales, and a Doctor Who Shirt.

The boys were all about the Redd’s Strawberry Ale and Fireball, and for the second Geek Cuisine, they crack open the Absinthe. Then, in sacrilege to authors everywhere, they mix pop rocks in it.

Andy wishes you a season full of memories, Andy wishes us all to make 2014 more epic than 2013. Christina believes we should remind the growing kids in our life how they were as young ones. Brad thanks listeners for listening and Christina for being a good geek girl. Be geeky, everyone!

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