Too much geeking to fit into just TWO episodes; the PodCulture crew (along with special guest Mark) returns with a special mini episode featuring a new geek-and-tell segment!

Glenn shares the reproduction poster of the Justice League of America #21 issue. Everyone else can’t stop giggling that they’re all holding hands around the table. Mark researches it as #9 in the top ten DC covers of all time. At Derby City Comic Con, Glenn picked up a Mego replica of both Batman and Robin from the Figures Toy Company. He teases Brad with the information that the classic Batman series will be on dvd soon. Adam’s new car is too big to bring into the studio for Geek and Tell, but he’s loving the changeability of the dashboard colors. Speaking of cars, Brad mentions the weird Mini Cooper/El Camino hybrid. Christina still dreams of owning a classic Mini.

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By Brad

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