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We have Andy in the studio this week while Adam is off having birthday bacchanalia! Andy’s been working on his upcoming junior English curriculum. Glenn’s been working hard getting aerial news out to Louisville and playing the Destiny Beta. His book, Darkness Unbound : Lady In Black is out and Christina wants to dress up like main character. He has set up GraphicEntertainment.com and if you sign up for the newsletter, you could win a free personalized copy of the book! Brad is still back on the job hunt and Christina makes fun of Brad’s zip tie.

Andy has been giving Netflix a workout this summer with Total Drama Island. He knows what to expect on Game of Thrones, but it still has such a strong emotional pull. Movies that Andy is looking forward to include Guardians of the Galaxy and Lucy. They’re pleased that Deborah Ann Woll from True Blood was cast in Daredevil. Christina is cross with Glenn because she’s sucked in to The Witches of East End. She likes it better than Charmed and still finds Julia Ormond lovely. To follow the guilty pleasure theme, her sister suggested Grey’s Anatomy, so it’s next on her list. Hemlock Grove has returned to Netflix, so Glenn is pacing himself. He and Carly are watching the anime Death Note and describes the movie, manga and anime. Defiance is still going strong and a few of the stars will be at Fandomfest. Glenn is glad that Face Off will be back soon. Falling Skies isn’t as great as it has been, so time will tell. Christina and Brad are watching Dominion and she’s liking it far more than Brad is. They discuss Legion and the creepiness of ice cream trucks. Teen Wolf is back! Brad is happy that Arden Cho is legal. Everyone is crabby that Tatiana Maslany got slighted at the Emmy’s. Glenn is trying to get Carly to watch Longmire, but it’s not happening so far. Under The Dome meets varying reviews with the boys. They take a moment to discuss book vs tv speed, coming around to Game of Thrones. The UK conspiracy show, Utopia, is back for a second season. The Leftovers is leaving us a bit wanting. Christina is nonplussed after watching other, darker, post-apocalyptic futures in other shows. They are all glad to see Liv Tyler, but don’t know if Christopher Eccleston is enough to save the show. Glenn mentions the upcoming series, The Lottery. The gang weighs the pros and cons of Extant. True Blood is almost completely drained for good and Brad mentions some good moments so far. The Last Ship has been tense enough to keep them all hooked. Glenn mentions The Strain and he and Brad talk about The Flash, leading to various Marvel/DC tangents.

Geek Cuisine melds two of the best kinds of cookies. They share Oreo Cream stuffed Chips Ahoy.

Music includes Still Flyin’ (Kaylee’s Theme) by Adam WarRock and Mikal kHill. Promos come courtesy of Tuning Into SciFi TV and The British Invaders Podcast.

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