Game chatter begins with the Destiny beta. Glenn succinctly explains what the game is all about. He talks about weapons and classes, maps and melee. Andy’s missus has left WOW for another MMORPG. Glenn has also played the beta of Battlefield: Hardline. Andy is a purist with his games and Christina votes for historical accuracy. Glenn compares Hardline to a combination of Battlefield and GTA. He appreciates the map-changing ability in response to gameplay. Andy has been playing Ingress and has gotten totally sucked in. He gives us a quick tutorial and talks about how not only is the whole town involved, it’s worldwide. While he’s talking, Brad installs the game on his own phone and chooses The Resistance side as opposed to the Enlightened. Andy describes the linking process and the glee of destroying others’ established portals. Glenn compares it to Watchdog. Brad talks about the big updates to Doctor Who Legacy. Christina volunteers to go to the UK to redeem a code for him. Brad’s friend, Shane, sends him a Destiny code for the PS4.

Geek Cuisine is the simplest combination wrapped in chocolate. PB&J’s Real Milk Chocolate.

In close, Andy wants us all to join the blue team on Ingress or have fun no matter what gets your geek on. Glenn was happy to talk at his family reunion about the show, his book and our Jones Soda debacles. If you sign up for his newsletter at, you can win a signed copy of his book, Darkness Unbound : Lady In Black. Christina wants you to watch something you wouldn’t normally think you’d like. Brad’s final thought is about Thor being a Disney Princess.

Our music this week includes “Math is Bull_t” by Worm Quartet and “Settle” by Mikey Mason.

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