After an introduction by the enigmatic Edward James Olmos, we are back
with PodCulture!

Glenn interjects the open with a bit of feedback from his friend, Tom, who is totally hooked on Ingress. Adam has had a birthday since we last recorded and Cristalle took him to Brezeiro’s Steakhouse. He has seen Guardians of The Galaxy, making Brad jealous. Farming took up his last weekend, but he enjoyed it! He will be going to New York soon and Christina explodes with joy for him! Glenn eludes to his thoroughly enjoyed experience at Fandomfest, but hasn’t had time to do much else but work. He has been invited to the Imaginarium convention in Louisville. Don’t forget to join his mailing list before midnight on Labor Day and check out his giveaway on Good Reads. Christina loved Fandomfest and will be getting her mom into the Con scene soon. She’s getting used to new HRT and has been sucked into a new tv show. Brad is still on the job hunt and talks about a few irons in the fire.

Geek Cuisine is feeling a little crispy this week. Adam shares three of the four new flavors in the Lay’s flavor contest. This year’s include kettle cooked Wasabi Ginger, wavy Mango Salsa, and regular Cappuccino. Mango salsa and wasabi ginger are more mild than expected and Christina is the only one who liked the Cappuccino ones.

Fandomfest 2014! We reviewed it last year, for best and less-than-best, but this year was a whole new great ballgame! We’ve covered it from all angles this year, with the exception of Adam, who
was out of town. Glenn was a vendor for The Destroyer books, while Brad and Christina represented PodCulture as media. Glenn speaks both about his experience as a vendor, sharing space with his cousin, ease of set up and then as a fan. Brad and Christina speak on disability service, signage and ease of getting around. Although greatly improved, Brad’s only small critique was communication between volunteers for information. Christina gives a glowing review of improvement since they started using the Eventbase app.They speak on the ease of getting their badges. As a fan, Glenn had a wonderful time, as a vendor selling his book, he had hoped for more of a crowd. He mentions the ease of unloading and the dedicated booth for vendors to get their badges. Glenn talks about the screenplay contest. Brad and Christina do a play by play of their weekend, beginning on Friday, with getting autographs and Christina finding Lost & Faust Freak Division Victorian glasses.

Music includes Battlestar Rhapsody by The Great Luke Ski and the promo this week comes from our friends at Tuning Into SciFi TV.

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