Time Lords, Companions and Tin Dogs, we welcome you to a special episode of PodCulture.

Brad, Adam and Christina open this special episode with chat of their holidays! Adam spent the festivities weekend with his family, while Brad and Christina enjoyed a quiet Christmas. Adam and Christina agree that giving presents is so much more fun than receiving. The geekiest thing he got was the Doctor Who Visual Dictionary from one the siblings he got hooked on Who, and he gave them Whovian presents in return. Brad has a hard time picking his geekiest present, but it must include his Time Lord box of goodies from Christina. She picked almost everything out on Zaniahz.com. It included the set of Time Squad figures, The Art of Destruction novel, a Tosh Torchwood figure, and an autographed photograph of David Tennant and Freema Agyeman. To celebrate both the New Year and the new Doctor, she surprises Adam with a t-shirt from ThinkGeek.com, with the Tardis on it, that reads “You Never Forget Your First Doctor”.

SPOILER ALERT! We take no prisoners, we keep no secrets. If you haven’t watched part one of The End of Time, and wish to remain spoilerless, please consider keeping this episode until you’re ready to geek fully with us! Don’t worry, we’ve got the Tardis, we’ve got time.

Christina gives her best shot at a synopsis of part one, while the boys tap The Master’s tattoo, singing the praises of Bernard Cribbins and June Whitfield. The trio discusses what regeneration means for an audience, their views of Russell T. Davies’ treatment of the tale, and what it all means for the Doctor. Adam shares his theory about what could have happened, what should have happened, and what his hopes are for part two. Christina questions the other companions, and throws out her impossible wish for Donna and Romana. Could she possibly love John Simm any more? Brad begs the question of which companion’s mom is scariest? Give us your thoughts? Adam talks about the emotion between actors and how that comes across on the screen. Tell us your regeneration story? Which Doctor was your first Doctor? Tell us who you’ve hooked to watch with you? The three talk about aspects of actors playing the Doctor and who they have loved along the way. As they close, Christina grasps desperately at the mic so she doesn’t have to see the end, but alas, the show must go on…

Our special musical guest for this episode is Chameleon Circuit with their song: An Awful Lot of Running from their CD Chameleon Circuit.

By Brad

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