Welcome to PodCulture 197!

Glenn opens, exhausted from the hours he has spent in the helicopter, and not having had time to geek as usual. Adam is due for another day off, but he is working hard. Christina had a week of long commutes, so she, too, hasn’t had time for her usual nerdery. She shares the story of the crazy short bus driver, and Glenn shares the trend of traffic accidents. She is absolutely bouncing off the walls, holding her breath, awaiting her copy of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Love Never Dies” on Tuesday. Brad breaks the news that the

PodCulture studio may be moving. So if you have any tips for moving gobs of geekness, e-mail us!

Our dear departed Don S. Davis opens the coolest contest that PodCulture has ever had. We lapse into total fanboy/girlness because the fantastic people at Quantum Mechanix have given us the second in the series of the Ships of Stargate. We have been allowed to give away, yes, quite possibly to you, a Collector Scale, screen-accurate replica of the Goa’uld Death Glider from Stargate SG-1. Limited to 1500 replicas, enter to win number 95 in the line. This gorgeous piece of Stargate art could be yours. Head over to www.QuantumMechanix.com, check out the mass of fantasticness, and then e-mail us for your chance to win it. We will announce the winner in our 200th episode, so enter now before the gate iris closes!

Glenn gets the guilt on. In readiness for Sharktopus, he reviews Roger Corman’s Battle Beyond The Stars. From John Boy from The Waltons and a villan name John Saxon, he weaves a tale of cheesy effects that have gone on to play cameos in future sci-fi gems.

In the second contest to celebrate our bicentennial anniversary episode, the fine folks at Farpoint Media gave us a copy of Planet Hulk on dvd, and it could be yours! Don’t forget to e-mail us your name and address so we know where to send the green guy when you win!

Promos come graciously from Future Traditions: A Jericho Podcast and The Seekercast.

By Brad

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