Beware The Ides of Geek!

Adam opens this week’s episode with discussion of Syfy’s series, Caprica. Whether or not you were a fan of its predecessor, Battlestar Galactica, Adam promises a show well worth your time. It mixes Americana, for better and worse, and future technology. Christina and Brad are caught up with Survivors, Being Human, and are enjoying Law and Order: UK. Glenn has welcomed another lady of the feline persuasion into his house, and the tale of which has Christina squeeing like a girlie. Carly has named her Nim!

Chevron six engaged! The wonderful crew at have given us a Goa’uld Death Glider Replica to give away to one madly fortunate listener! This gorgeous, wickedly detailed piece of SG:1 history could be yours. If you love the gang at Cheyenne Mountain, or ever wanted to be a Jaffa pilot, send us an e-mail and enter! We’re going to announce the lucky winner during our 200th episode, so hurry before the iris closes!

These ain’t your mamma’s Saturday morning cartoons. We review the animated movie Planet Hulk. Don’t worry, giveaway contestants, we won’t spoil it for you! Brad makes a Conan The Barbarian parallel, taking a moment to give a nod to Jason Momoa, and Glenn points out some of the cooler comic surprises. Back in the DC Universe, Brad and Christina have watched Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Glenn and Adam have seen Halo Legends, and discuss the linear timeline of these characters.

The Easter season bringeth chocolate, but the bunny has a lot to answer for after this Geek Cuisine. After finding these confusing confectioneries at the liquor store, they ponder the oddity of the drive through liquor stores. They bravely make their way through Heilman’s sea salt, hot pepper and ginger flavored chocolate. Find out which one Brad likes and which one makes the cocoaphile Christina say “speeew”. If you have something weird for us to try, or if you’re a unique candymaker who would like to sponsor us, drop us a line!

In closing, Glenn has picked up Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Adam reminds everyone to enter our contests, and Christina entreats the boys at Quantum Mechanix to create a Little Damn Asgard. Listeners, let us know what you’re addicted to. What tv shows should have us planted on our couches? What movies warrant extra buttered popcorn? What games should we stay charged for? Call our new voicemail line!

Promos come courtesy of The Signal and The Seekercast!

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