Welcome, geeklings! We’re on the cusp of 200, but before our anniversary show, we want to share some of our previously unheard moments with you!

Andy, aka Freehold South, joins us in the studio to usher in the fun!

Brad shares a story about the evil mail woman at the comic book shop, and Glenn commiserates with his own mental parking tale. Adam sings the koala fridge song. Christina and Adam send their wish lists to the guys at Quantum Mechanix. Glenn shows off his ninja humor.

Adam shares a special segment wherein he inflicts a bottle of Jones Tofurkey and Gravy soda. Hopefully they’re all still his friends.

Glenn tells the tale of bringing his live action Ace of Diamonds actress to Dragon Con. Adam sings the Tribble song, and they all invoke Samuel L. Jackson.

We’ve got a Geek Cuisine from the vault, and Glenn has brought gingerbread candy. Brad and Glenn, Adam and Christina give you a glimpse into the two conversations that tend to go on at once.

While harassing Christina in her love of things Twilight, she is told of the “Team Edward” shirt with Edward James Olmos. She casts Misha Collins and Joe Flanigan as Mulder, and shares the horror her friend endures while she poses his G.I. Joes.

In closing, they discuss their fondness for Sylvester McCoy, and whether or not Brad is a podcastslut. We love Kevin Bachelder, and are disappointed in Buzz Aldrin for being on Dancing With The Stars.

Keep listening to hear Ace chug of the remainder of the bottle of Tofurkey and Gravy soda.

By Brad

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